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Ringjet Air Conveyors

Convey all kinds of parts and material… without blowers, pumps or electricity

Ringjet Air Conveyors are bladeless, motorless fans which connect to flexible hose and are ideal for conveying and extracting all kinds of materials in process, food and Ringjet Conveyormanufacturing industries.

Using a small volume of compressed air as the power source, Ringjets utilise the “Coanda” effect to draw larger volumes of ambient air into the device to amplify the air flow by up to 25 times. See how it works

Ringjet conveyors are capable of moving material over long distances and this can be increased by adding additional conveyors into the line.

Download Ringjet Air Conveyors Datasheet

 » Key Benefits of using Beckair's Ringjet Air Conveyors

  • No moving parts - means the Ringjet is maintenance free
  • No electricity required - means they are safe to use with liquids and wet material
  • Adjustable flow control - using air gap and inlet pressure
  • Energy efficient - means low running costs
  • Ideal for conveying over long distance
  • Quiet Operation (less than 80 dB(A))

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Flanged Ringjet Conveyors

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