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Latest News From Beck Air...

Beckair appoint Bunes Trading as Norwegian Distributors

19 October 2010
We are pleased to announce that HVAC specialists Bunes Trading have been appointed as our Norwegian Distributors for our flexible range of compressed air driven products.

stablished in 1984, Bunes Trading represent some of Europe’s leading suppliers of professional HVAC equipment for offshore use that have been produced in accordance with ISO standards.

The appointment of Bunes Trading will provide us with the opportunity to offer our range of compressed air solutions in the Norwegian markets.

For more information on Bunes Trading and their product range, please visit their website. 

Experiencing static problems? Beckair have the answer!

19 May 2010
We are pleased to announce that they we have been chosen by Static Clean, the a leading international supplier of static eliminators, as their European distributor of Ionising Air Knives. 

We will be distributing the AK3200 Ionising Air Knife which is powerful static eliminator that prevents jams, mis-feeds, poor stacking, dust attraction and harmful shocks up to 10 feet away at an ultra quiet operation of 65dB.

The AK3200 delivers a laminar sheet of ionised air over large and small product surfaces or equipment to clean and neutralise areas of static charges to reduce the dangers of spark explosions, costly fires, property damage and injury to workers.

The AK3200 Ionising Air Knife is suitable for parts and package cleaning, web handling, blow and injection moulding, debris removal, bag making operations, contamination control, electronics cleaning and many more.

The AK3200 is an appropriate method of static removal in various industries such as automotive, plastics, medical, food and beverage, packaging, printing, converting, electronic and several others.

Working alongside Static Clean will allow us to become established in the static market. Beckair are committed to providing customers with a product that will considerably improve production speeds and product quality by offering a solution to static application problems.  

We inflate buoys faster!

09 March 2010
The University of Hertfordshire and Beckair have been working on rapid inflation and deflation of marker buoys for the Formula 1 of powerboat racing.

Two final year engineering students, Adam Caffrey and Scott Smith are working with Mel Wilby of Cardinal Fluid Systems on rapid inflation and deflation of powerboat buoys. Mel is former race team manager for Sunseeker boats and his son Andy races powerboats in P1 meetings around the world.

The use of novel aerodynamic devices called Coanda Ringjets form the basis of the work and an inflation and deflation time of around five minutes is the aim. An innovative approach is necessary as health and safety issues exist in electrical driven blowers that are currently used in hazardous environments. Adam and Scott hope to visit one of the P1 racing events in Europe to trial their system.

The Ringjets and industrial experience are being provided by Beckair, market leader in compressed air systems. They are based in Elstree, Hertfordshire and are involved with the University in a very successful Knowledge and Transfer Partnership.  

Machinery of Excellence

30 November 2009
Beckair's specially profiled Ringjet Air Amplifiers have been incorporated into an innotively designed water removal system, the Secomak Tornado. The Ringjet Air Amplifiers are utilised to create powerful pulses of suction which remove water from containers and packaging.

The Secomak Tornado which is a product of Secomak Solutions has been recognised in the 2009 Machinery of Excellence category at the Starpack Awards.

The Starpack Awards is the premier UK annual scheme recognising innovation in packaging design and technology.

Beckair's Airsaver control Unit is also integrated for energy saving as it provides intelligent 'supply on demand' control. Simply stating, it switches of the air supply when it is not needed helping to eliminate compressed air wastage, lowering energy consumption and costs.

Save energy and minimise compressed air costs - NOW!

27 November 2009
The Airsaver control unit developed by energy saving experts Beckair (the compressed air specialist division of Secomak Ltd) is a compressed air control device designed to switch off the air supply when it is not needed.

Any waste of compressed air is eliminated which lowers energy consumption and cost. It has timed functions which combine to give ‘supply on demand’ operation. The air supply stops when a gap occurs in the containers on a conveyor or when a container stops in front of the sensor. The stop signal can be delayed to allow the last container to pass through a machine by means of an adjustable timer.

The Airsaver can be used with a variety of sensors. Start up is instantaneous once a moving object is sensed again. One Airsaver unit can operate up to 3 valves. The sensor unit operates from a 24v DC supply and a power supply can be provided with options for both 110v and 230v AC.

Payback time is typically within two to three months of use. It is easily mounted onto existing installations and is protected to IP65, so it can be used in most environments.  

High performance ventilation and extraction with the Beckair Clustajet

02 February 2009
The Beckair Clustajet Ventilator range, from process drying specialists Secomak, a compressed air operated fan, is now available.


The Clustajet has no rotating fan blades or motors, is flameproof and virtually maintenance free. The unit can be used for blowing and extraction applications via standard size flexible hoses.


The Clustajets use multiples of Beck Ringjet Air Amplifiers (themselves bladeless and motorless fans) fed from a common air manifold. The whole unit is constructed in a robust steel casing and the design is based on space rocket launch vehicle principles.


For a given airflow, theBeckairClustajet is lighter in weight and smaller than an equivalent explosion – proof electric fan, as well as producing less noise. The Clustajet can be used in hazardous areas, such as ventilating sewers, tunnels, manholes, fuel tanks silos, vats and similar spaces requiring the transport of air, dust, fumes, or dangerous gases over long distances. Other Industries include Welding, Shipbuilding, Construction and Utilities.


Several Clustajets can be connected in series by rigid or flexible tubes connected to either end of the main body. This arrangement can be used in reverse to supply atmospheric air from an uncontaminated source into the working area – taking special precautions that the compressor is sited remotely and that it is delivering compressed air.


The spacing between Clustajets arranged in series can vary according to the straightness of the ducting, the number of bends, the smoothness of the duct bore and the amount of vertical lift, if any, that is involved. As a guide assume that each 25 metres of duct will require one Clustajet. For direct venting or tanks, flanged versions are available.

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Swedish Distributor

23 January 2009
Beckair are delighted to announce the appointment of QH-system AB as a Swedish distributor for the Nordic region of Europe.

Compressed air vacuum experts, QH-system AB are Nordic suppliers of Atex approved air driven industrial vacuum cleaners, 'Oil Skimmers' (equipment that seperates oil from process fluids) and emulsion mixers. Through their compressed air expertise, QH-system AB are hoping to extend Beckair's success in Europe, primarily through the sales of our compressed air components.

For more information on QH-system AB and their product range, please visit their website

Italian Distributor

03 December 2008
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Aria Calda Technologies S.R.L as an Italian Distributor for Beckair.

Process heating & Plastic Welding experts, Aria Calda Technologies are european suppliers of heating products,  thermal blowers & blowers, radiator valves, lighters for solid fuels, auto welding services, test welding equipment, aswell as manual and industrial extruders. They will be hoping to add process drying services to their vast heating and welding expertise and open up a new market for Beckair & Secomak.

For more information on A.C.T and their product range, please visit their website

Beckair Team up with The Construction Centre

03 November 2008
As part of Beckair & Secomak’s on-going support for their customers, they have teamed up with The Construction Centre to create an online profile. This will make it more accessible for organisations in the Construction Industry to access their products online.

With the Beckair brand going through a renaissance in recent times, Secomak have understood the importance of reaching out to their ever - increasing customer base within the Construction Industry.

Leading Construction experts are becoming more aware of the intense issues surrounding enviromentalism, they are beginning to look for products that can help them obtain and maximise their energy efficiency outputs. This is possible with Beckair products as they are all run on compressed air which in essence will provide them with at least 50% savings in comparison to competitive electric driven products of the same nature.

This has led to an increase in sales from within the Construction Industry and highlights the pivotal reasons why Beck are trying to make it more accesible for these organisations to access our products and literature. 

Beckair Catalogue Now Available

30 September 2008
The compressed air components catalogue from Beckair, a division of process drying specialists Secomak, is now available on request through the Contact Us page.

After an overdue silence, Beckair is back with the aim of solving your cooling, drying, conveying, extracting, ventilating and cleaning application problems. With their unique flexible range of compressed air driven products, Secomak is looking to take advantage of the present gap in the market for compressed air application problems.

With environmentalism becoming a major issue within the processing industry, Beck can promise their customers that whatever the product, the end use will always create a process that maintains increased energy efficiency. As all the products operate at a rate of less than 80 dB, they create an improved working environment, meaning the process operation will be significantly quieter, as well as enabling lower running costs in the process.

In addition to all Beck components being energy efficient, they come with lifetime warranties guaranteed including an advisory service in accordance with free technical help, ensuring that top quality engineers are on hand to help with all your application problems. As all of the components contain no moving parts, customers can be safe in the knowledge that they will all be maintenance free.

For more information on obtaining a copy of the new Beck catalogue please visit the Contact Us page and fill in the appropriate fields, stating the subject as Beck Catalogue Request.
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USA Distributor

04 January 2008
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Static Clean International as a Beckair distributor for the USA.

Static Clean International are a global supplier of a complete line of Ionization Products including Static Bars, Power Supplies, Ionizing Air Blowers, Ionizing Nozzles and Airknives. Their line of contamination control equipment includes WebVacs, HepaClean Chambers, Flex Laminar Flow Station and Medical Blister & Device Cleaning Bench. Their main focus is static elimination and contamination reduction. 

Pneu-Power For 101 Extraction And Conveying Applications

16 March 2007

The Beckair Pneu-Power is a bladeless, motorless fan which provides either powerful vacuum or powerful flow for extracting and conveying all kinds of materials in the processing, manufacturing and bulk handling industries. Because it has no moving parts or electrical connections, it can also be used in hazardous areas.

Using a small volume of compressed air as the power source (supplied through a flexible, 10mm hose) the Pneu-Power draws large volumes of ambient air into a small chamber, amplifying the air flow up to 25 times. Completely maintenance-free, the device operates at low noise levels.

Applications are virtually endless and include fume and dust extraction, hopper loading, swarf removal, drum filling (for example flammable fluids, waste oils or coolants), and power and granule removal from production lines. Because the device is so powerful, it can move material over very long distances.

Beckair, a division of Secomak Limited, has been an industry leader in air movement technologies for over 80 years. The company has developed a range of application-specific compressed air systems to cater for the needs of virtually every industrial sector

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Beckair Neublade Offers Superior Drying With Low Energy Consumption And Ultra-Quiet Operation

16 March 2007

Beckair’s Neublade is ideal for drying, cleaning, cooling and containing in many processing applications in the food, beverage, brewing and other manufacturing industries.

With an energy consumption only 1/3 that of standard nozzles and blades, the Neublade is also much quieter (only 65dB), offering users considerable cost savings with whisper-quiet operation. Working like an air knife but using compressed rather than blown air, the key to the Neublade's performance is the way the air leaves the strip (patent pending), creating a narrow, extremely powerful stream of air.

Easy to mount on existing installations, the Neublade has no moving parts so is entirely maintenance free. There is also a choice of air entry for maximum flexibility. Manufactured from extruded, anodised aluminium it is available in any length up to two metres and is supplied with a ‘quick-fix’ hose connector.

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Airmovers Keep Drying And Cooling Costs Down

16 March 2007

The BECK Airmover range from process drying specialist Secomak comprises a number of bladeless, motorless fans which act as amplifiers, converting low volume, high pressure compressed air into high volume, low pressure air that can be used in a wide variety of blowing, cooling and drying applications.

BECK ringjets will amplify the air supply by approximately twenty five times, keeping operational costs to a minimum. They are ideal for heavy air usage applications such as drying and cooling, for example when rapidly cooling castings or cooling engines on test beds.

Standard versions are manufactured in anodised aluminium but stainless steel and plastic are available for use in food applications or where increased chemical resistance is required.

In addition to the Airmover product range, Secomak has created an intelligent ‘supply on demand’ control unit for use with compressed air systems. The Airminder device, ideal for applications such as bottle and can drying, ensures compressed air is only used when a product is present on the conveyor line, reducing unnecessary costs and saving energy by up to 80%, depending on the application.

A free advisory service is available for customers wishing to find out more about the potential savings they could make by updating their current drying and cooling processes.

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