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AK3200 Ionising Air Knife

Long distance static eliminator prevents jams, mis-feeds, poor stacking, dust attraction and harmful shocks!

The AK3200 Ionising Air Knife is an efficient method of removing static charge from large and small product surfaces or equipment that need cleaning or neutralising such as plastic, sheets, webs and parts. The AK3200 consists of a high performance Air Knife with a BR2200 Rectangle Static Bar attached to its lower surface. Combined they perform to deliver a curtain of ionised air which eliminates jamming of machinery, and prevents tearing, dust attraction and harmful shocks.

The AK3200 utilises innovative technology and is designed to give highest performance, by delivering high pressure, low noise and low volume ionised air consumption. The use of compressed air helps to establish a flow straightening technology which provides an extremely laminar sheet or ionised air that clears product surfaces or equipment of static particles.  

BR2200 Rectangle Static Bar 

Shockless static neutralising bar designed to control the costly problems associated with static...

The BR2200 is designed to neutralise static electricity on the product surface or equipment 6" or more from the bar.

Threaded back-studs for mounting are located at each end of the bar with extra supports and back-studs for longer bars spanning wide webs or surfaces. It is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of applications like high-speed webs (converting) and bag making.

Additional ionisation can be created by adding a second BR2200 a few inches separate from the first static bar. The BR2200 has optional air tubes for extended range/cleaning and requires TSN70 or comparable power supply.

It has UL, CUL and CE certifications.

TSN70 7.0KV Static Neutralising Power Supply

The system is designed to create an abundance of bipolar air ions in a field which will neutralise electrically charged materials that pass through it...

The TSN70 Static Neutralising Power Supply is a low power, high impedance, step-up transformer, potted with internal current limits to provide appropriate power to the AK3200, and safety to the user. This unique power unit features a constant voltage transformer, which provides stable output voltage despite line voltage fluctuations. 

It has a Power-Line Voltage of 115VAC or 230VAC, 50/60Hz single-phase.

The TSN70 Power Unit comes standard with a voltage selector switch, enabling the end user to connect the power line cord to 115V, or 230V. A detachable (from the power unit) three-conductor line cord with a ground-prong plug comes with the unit. 

This unit is UL, CUL and CE certified.

 Download AK3200 Ionising Air Knife Datasheet.pdf

AK3200 Ionising Air Knife Presentation.swf

»Key Benefits of using the AK3200 Ionising Air Knife

  • No moving parts - maintenance free
  • Ultra-Low air consumption
  • Easily mounted onto existing installtions
  • Choice of air entry
  • Ultra-Quiet operation (645dB)
  • Shockless and non-radioactive


If you have special requirements, please call our technical support engineer who will be pleased to assist you.


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