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   Ian Roffe                                          Secomak

Welcome to Beckair online.

Our aim is to solve your cooling, drying, conveying, extracting, ventilating, cleaning applications with our flexible range of compressed air driven products.

Because we live in a world where energy usage is becoming a key issue for everyone and the pressures on industry are greater than ever, Beckair have been working hard to help you, our customers, become more efficient too.

Take our Neublade Air Strip. It gives excellent performance with significantly reduced air consumption using our patented air blade.

Because this new technology uses the air in a more efficient way, noise levels are the lower than any other comparable product at only 65 dB (A) helping you to not only save costs but improve the working environment as well.

Our Airsaver control unit has been helping customers reduce air consumption in all kinds of processes by switching off the air when it isn’t needed…..on a bottling line which has a break in production or stopped for example. Payback on this kind of investment can be a few weeks.

To help you identify potential areas for improvement, we’ve added  an accurate, easy to use, flow measurement device to help you measure your air consumption on each process. Now you can accurately cost all your processes and make accurate return on investment proposals for proposed improvements.

As always, we are committed to our customers and offer;

• Free technical help…let our engineers help you with your application

• Lifetime cover any manufacturing defects

• Fast delivery…normally we aim to supply all standard products from our extensive stocks

Beckair is part of the Secomak Group of companies and have over 100 years experience in air movement products to industry.

Ian Roffe, Managing Director

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