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Airsaver Flowmeter


Understanding how much compressed air your existing processes use quickly identifies areas for energy savings...

The Airsaver flowmeter from Beckair is an easy to use, digital flow meter designed to measure the compressed air flow.

By simply placing the flow meter in the line to be analysed, the air flow can be measured and an assessment be made on efficiency of the process. It is especially suitable for home made devices where no performance figures exist.

Potential upgrades to equipment can then be cost justified and payback periods calculated accurately.

The unit has an integral 4-digit display which allows information to be gathered at the point of measurement.

Peak, present and average consumption can all be monitored and there are programmable alarm functions should air consumption rise over set limits indicating a leak or malfunction.

 » Key Benefits of using Beckair's Airsaver Flowmeter

  • Measure compressed air easily where it is used
  • Detect even small leaks and repair in good time
  • Determine potential for efficiency savings
  • Calculate accurately payback on investment proposals


The unit is powered by a 24v DC supply and all settings can be protected using an electronic lock. With protection to IP65, it can be used in most environments.

The device can also be connected to a data-logger and the results downloaded for further analysis.

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