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Airsaver Control Unit

Take control of your compressed air and processes and save both energy and cost…

The AirSaver is a compressed air control device designed to switch off the compressed air supply when it is not needed.Airsaver Control Unit

Many industrial processes use compressed air continuously even when the production process has stopped, no parts are present or the air is only used for part of the cycle.

By using the Airsaver with a sensor (or linking to the machine control), the compressed air can be switched off when not needed giving reduced consumption and cost. The software analyses the sensor to detect both line stops and no products.

The AirSaver can be used with a variety of sensors and has an inbuilt timer to control how quickly the unit will respond to the sensor and shut off the air supply. Start up is instantaneous once a moving object is sensed again.

 » Key Benefits of using Beckair's AirSaver Control Unit

  • Compressed Air is expensive - helps to reduce costs
  • Payback as short as 3 months depending on application
  • Easily mounted onto existing installations
  • IP65 for use in most environments


One Airsaver can operate up to 3 valves.

The sensor unit operates from a 24v DC supply and power supplies can be provided as options for both 110v and 230v AC.

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